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Strawberry Moon Circle - 4th June

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  • Strawberry Moon Circle - 4th June

Reflection On Relationships - Strawberry Moon

Topics and activities for meet-up:
✨Group introduction
✨ What is a Strawberry Moon
✨How it aligns with your star sign
✨Reflection: Burn it letter

4th June 7.30pm

The strawberry moon is a period of reflection on past, present, and future relationships with others and yourself. We are going to discuss shrinking habits and negative thoughts, we are not here to dim our light, shine ladies and shine bright as we focus on moving forward with positivity and kindness.

The vibe is always super supportive and peaceful, which means everyone can truly unleash their inner desires. It’s a safe space to be heard, to breathe out, to be seen, to laugh, and to cry!

In this month's circle, we will be surrounded by amazing nature, grounding ourselves with the earth and opening up our heart chakras. We will focus on Burn Letters and releasing all those negative feelings we harboured in previous relationships. As they say, "Your past does not equal your future"!

And you better believe we end the night with some killer group and individual photos! I mean, why not? We're all feeling our best, so let's capture that energy and put it out there for the universe to see. Plus, if you pre-pay for your images, you get a sweet discount - now that's what we call manifesting abundance!

These gatherings happen all over Leicestershire and its outskirts.